New Ring Christened with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

This past weekend, Karen and Lydia, two members of the Red Tail family, organized a ribbon cutting ceremony to christen our new dressage ring and to celebrate all the wonderful things happening at the farm!  The afternoon was filled with lots of friends, good food, as well libations, including our signature drink champagne! Linda and Meredith cut the ceremonial red ribbon while Karen popped the bottle of champagne!

The second surprise of the afternoon was when our fantastic boarders presented Meredith with wireless audio headset to assist her with teaching and training in the outdoor arena. To add some more entertainment to the afternoon, Karen rode a wooden hobby horse while Dawn portrayed a German dressage trainer, together giving a hilarious demonstration of proper arena etiquette and use of the headset.

In addition to the festivities, Karen also designed a great t-shirt and had them made up for everyone. In the true embodiment of the character of the Red Tail family, everyone bought one and all the proceeds are being donated to Mane Stream. Everyone had a wonderful time; Red Tail Farm is incredibly lucky to have such a great group of individuals to make such lasting memories with!